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Welcome to The Xian (Christian) AnCap. As the tagline references, we're nonconformists. This much is clear in the blog title. Not many would lay claim to these two labels; most would find them incompatible. No matter. We're nonconformists. Welcome to the conversation. This is a place for us to share our musings with a wider audience.

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A "Xian" is a Christian. It stems from the historical shorthand of substituting the Greek letter chi for the word ChristThe Christian religion is that which recognizes reality as it is. The Bible begins with “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” It proceeds to reveal God’s work in creating the universe, the earth, and everything within it, including man.

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AnCap is shorthand for anarcho-capitalist, with "anarcho" referring to anarchism ("without State") and "capitalist" referring to the preferred economic theory of free market capitalism. Here we will explain the basic view of anarcho-capitalism and why it is the most consistent position of individual liberty and economic freedom.

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The Xian AnCap

The battleground for truth rests in the mind, yet truth itself exists outside the mind. The Bible tells us that God Himself is truth, and we can deduce from Scripture that He alone reveals all knowledge - justified true belief.

We won't get into that in this introduction, but it's important to recognize that our view of truth and knowledge affects every sphere of life, including things related specifically to Christianity and other things common to Christians and non-Christians alike.

This site exists to explore these ideas, in particular as they relate to life, liberty, and property rights, all of course, must be based on truth or true knowledge. We will discuss life in our present culture, liberty in the face of oppression, and property rights as the basis upon which true justice must be determined.

We believe only the Christian worldview can account for an objective justification for not only knowledge, but also a consistent view of liberty. Our view of liberty - the biblical ethic consistently applied - is necessarily "anarcho-libertarian." Thus, we believe only Christianity can provide true justification for the libertarian axiom, the non-aggression principle.

That said, we are warm friends with our libertarian forefathers who were non-Christians, whose works have proven critical in developing our political philosophy and econcomic theory. Like them, other non-Christian brilliant thinkers leading the liberty movement today are also allies. We will therefore interact with their works often here at The Xian AnCap.

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We're glad you stopped by The Xian AnCap. Feel free to learn more about our views of Christianity or anarcho-capitalism, or dive right in to our musings on the blog.