About Us

Welcome to The Xian (Christian) AnCap. As the tagline references, we're nonconformists. This much is clear in the blog title. Not many would lay claim to these two labels, most would find them incompatible.

No matter. We're nonconformists. Welcome to the conversation.

This is a place for us to share our musings with a wider audience. We enjoy contemplation and challenging the status quo. We love life, liberty, and truth, and here you will find reflections upon each.

Some readers may be like-minded, some may be exposed to new ideas, others might be challenged, yet others might be miffed.

No matter. We're nonconformists, and again, welcome to the conversation.

We hope traditionalists and independent thinkers alike will feel at home here. The world is rapidly changing, and we'd like to think through a wide array of issues, with you, rationally and respectfully.

Some thoughts may be controversial, others trivial by comparison, and pithy to be sure, but all will be aimed at thinking true thoughts, regardless of the subject.

If you also seek or are interested in truth, let's explore that together. After all,

The chief end of man is to think God's thoughts after Him.

Welcome to the conversation.

The Xian AnCap

Carry on...

We're glad you stopped by The Xian AnCap. Feel free to learn more about our views of Christianity or anarcho-capitalism, or dive right in to our musings on the blog.