Civil War Because of Good Men

New York has given pro-lifers much to think about this last week. In codifying the murder of children up to full term, New York has joined a handful of other states allowing the same. Now more than ever, pro-lifers, namely Christian ones, are faced with the ultimate question: “what does it look like to be Christian in a culture of death?” I sense that many are wrestling with how they can do more to seek the end of legalized child sacrifice, and I’m very grateful for that. Indeed, there is much more to be done than what has been done these last 46 years.

But what I want to focus on today is the endgame and logical progression of what happens when good men do what good men do in the face of evil and tyranny. This post should not be taken as a call to violence, but to simply give thought to God’s calling upon men to protect life no matter the violence threatened against them for doing so.

The Scenario

For our thought experiment, we will begin with God having saved a sinner and turning his heart to the things of God: love for Him, love for His Church, love for his neighbor, and love for his enemies. This Christian stands before his local government to present the standard of justice to which these magistrates are bound, or stands to confront her city council to fulfill their divine calling to protect preborn children.

One or more governing officials responds righteously to the above pleas, and begins working to abolish the practice of abortion in their city. Upon successfully banning and shutting down abortion “clinics” within city limits, the issue rises to the state level. A state senator recognizes that his duty before God is to protect the natural rights of children from conception, so he authorizes a senate bill to abolish abortion in his state. State citizens rally around this effort and pressure their state representatives to pass the bill. Ultimately they do, and the bill is signed into law by a governor who promised a teenager with cancer he would grant his dying wish to abolish abortion in his state.

Almost immediately, a federal judge rules that the Abolition of Abortion Act is unconstitutional. Meanwhile, as the case makes its way up to the Supreme Court, the good men stand their ground and enforce the outlaw of abortion in their sovereign state. Not a single legal abortion takes place under their good leadership, despite the outcry of liberals across the land.

The Fallout

Unshockingly, the Republican-majority Supreme Court upholds the lower court ruling, and strikes down the abolitionist law as unconstitutional. Pro-life organizations across America mourn the unjust ruling, but submit the abolitionist state must heed SCOTUS and allow abortion mills to reopen their assassination-for-profit businesses. Thus, the Pro-life Industrial Complex maintains that abortion can end only when Roe v. Wade is overturned, effectively securing their source of revenue indefinitely.

But all is not lost. Remember, good men passed the abolitionist legislation, and to the chagrin of Pro-Life Movement thought leaders like the National Right to Life, half a dozen other states had outlawed abortion entirely prior to the Supreme Court ruling. The good men in each of these states make righteous decisions to nullify the Supreme Court decision, like they did with the Roe v. Wade decision before it. These good men reaffirm their commitment to protect all life within their jurisdictions, no matter the stakes.

This is where we reach unknown territory. The federal government may choose to lord over the sovereign states with a series of punitive measures - be they trade-based or in the form of fines or withholding federal funding. The Centralist tyrants may also attempt to send in federal marshals to enforce the Court’s rulings; however, the good men in each state promise that marshals attempting such will be arrested in violation of state law.

The Righteous Stand

The constitutional crisis reaches a climax when states begin withholding payment of federal taxes and formulating a plan to secede from the Union. Brainwashed from adolescence in their government education centers that the Union is “indivisible,” the federal powers-that-be threaten the use of force to prevent secession, just like their tyrant father Abraham Lincoln. No matter - there are good men in leadership in these abolitionist states, and also in a handful of additional states who have joined them since this latest federal overreach of judicial supremacy.

From here, only one question remains: will there be peaceful secession or not? Assuming the federal beast government will not allow such, the states would be forced to defend themselves against another War of Central Aggression 160 years after the first one. Assuming there are many good men in each of these states, each would rise to join the ranks of their leaders to defend their state’s sovereignty and the natural rights of their preborn neighbors - to the death if necessary. The federal government will either back off, or it will be responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths, if not more, again. Perhaps this time, however, it would fall on its own sword; its tyranny being no more.


I posted a facebook poll on Sunday, requesting a YES or NO answer to the following proposition:

I’ve been encouraged by the results - 100% YES so far. It gives me hope that more people are thinking rightly about our national holocaust and what it will take to end it. I do not want war, however, but I do want justice. I want good men to do what good men do. If that leads to war, so be it, as good men doing good in the face of evil is the only just reason for war ever.

Let’s pray, then, for good men; be good men; and do good - men - always, lest evil triumph.

Rescue those who are being taken away to death; hold back those who are stumbling to the slaughter. If you say, “Behold, we did not know this,” does not he who weighs the heart perceive it? Does not he who keeps watch over your soul know it, and will he not repay man according to his work? - Proverbs 24:11-12